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National Service Dog Month

National Service Dog Month With Helena Veterinary Service

Service dogs change lives. They provide independence to people of all ages and all kinds of needs. We invite you to learn more about these awesome canines and join us in celebrating National Service Dog Month with our team of veterinarians at  Helena Veterinary Service.

History Behind National Service Dog Month at Our Veterinarian in Helena

The history behind National Service Dog Month starts not at our veterinarian in Helena, but at a fateful 2008 trip actor Dick Van Patten took to Guide Dogs of the Desert, a nonprofit near Palm Springs, California that trains and matches guide dogs to their blind handlers. Patten, of “Eight Is Enough” fame, was so inspired by the organization's life-changing work that he created a fundraising drive for service dogs of all kind. Now each September, we focus on raising funds for service dogs, and we also shine the spotlight on the amazing work of service dog trainers, the organizations involved, and of course, the four-legged animals themselves.

How Service Dogs Help

Each service dog is uniquely trained to assist with tasks specific to the need of the partnered individual. Service dogs help people with seizures, diabetes, Autism, allergies, mobility issues, hearing impairment, vision impairment, psychiatric needs and more. They retrieve items, warn of low blood sugars, shorten the duration of seizures, calm those with PTSD, pull wheelchairs and even help certain individuals maintain normal blood pressure.

How to Help Service Dogs

If you want to celebrate National Service Dog in an actionable way, you can donate to any of the many organizations that help train and place service dogs, including Dogs for the Deaf, Canines for Disabled Kids, Patriot Paws and Best Friends Animal Society. You can also raise awareness on social media, encouraging friends to donate.

Contact Our Helena MT Veterinarian

Serving dogs is a shared passion at our Helena MT veterinarian. Contact Helena Veterinary Service (406) 442-6450 for your next appointment – cats welcome, too!