How To Avoid Pet Dehydration

Pet Dehydration

Dehydration occurs when the body loses more water than it takes in. It can be especially serious for pets. Since they can't tell us and may not be able fix it on their own. As pet owners, it is important to prevent dehydration in our pet.

If you are concerned your pet may be dehydrated, our trusted professionals at Valley Veterinary Hospital of Helena can help. We offer care for pet dehydration. So if you're in the Helena, MT, area, we can help get your pet on the road to recovery. Read on for some important information on dehydration in pets and how to prevent it.


  • Dry nose
  • Panting
  • Thick saliva
  • Dry gums

If you believe that your pet is sufferin from dehydration, contact a veterinarian for high quality care.


  • Long periods with no access to water
  • Being in the heat too long
  • Pet diarrhea and pet vomit

Pet diarrhea can dehydrate your pet quickly and pet vomit might not be a cause but a sign of dehydration

Ways to Avoid Pet Dehydration

  • Give access to water: Make sure the water bowls are always full and clean. In hot weather, put the water in the fridge for a while before filling it. It will keep the water cooler for a longer period.
  • Follow good outdoor guidelines: If your pet spends time outside, make sure there's water. On long walks, bring water along (for both of you). Make sure your pet has access to shade.
  • Use the right size bowl: Don't use a bowl that's too large or too small for your pet's size.
  • Keep pets in a well ventilated area: This can help make sure they do not become too hot without your realizing it.

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