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Road Tripping With Your Pet

Family traveling with their pet

Helena Veterinary Service Discusses Preparing For Pet Road Trips

A road trip with your pet can be a rewarding experience for both of you. At Helena Veterinary Service in Helena, MT, we offer these travel tips to help you and your pet have a safe and happy time on the road.

Schedule Your Trip With Your Pet In Mind

Traveling with your pet will likely mean more frequent stops for walking and drinking water. Make reservations with a pet-friendly hotel chain to ensure your pet is welcome at your lodging. Research emergency vets along your route, in case your pet has a problem.

Have Your Pet Checked By the Vet

Your Helena veterinarian can ensure that your pet is healthy, free of parasites and is ready for your road trip adventure. You should take the opportunity to update vaccinations, so your pet doesn’t catch any illnesses along the way. Identification tags are important, but microchipping will add an additional layer of safety if your pet wanders away in an unfamiliar place. If your pet takes regular medication, make sure you have enough for the trip until your return.

Pack For Your Pet

Pets need to have their comfort and safety accommodated, just as you do. Bring along plenty of water, dishes, an extra leash, a safe carrier or device to secure your pet in the car, scooper, waste bags and a favorite toy. Food changes can cause digestive upsets, so make sure you bring along enough of your pet’s favorite food for the entire trip.

Contact Helena Veterinary Service For Your Pet’s Pre-Trip Checkup in Helena MT

Dr. Armstrong and Dr. Reisinger are animal lovers like you who are committed to providing the highest quality care for their patients in Helena, MT, and surrounding areas. We offer a full range of veterinary services, including exams, preventive care, microchipping, surgery, and boarding. Call Helena Veterinary Service today at 406-442-6450 for an appointment to have your pet prepped for your upcoming road trip.