Conditions Treated

At Valley Veterinary Hospital of Helena in Helena, MT, we understand that your pets are companions. We are dedicated to giving your pets veterinary care that can help let them live their lives with health and vigor.

Our conditions treated and problems helped include:

Puppy and Kitten Diseases and Conditions

A new puppy or kitten has special veterinary needs just like a human baby. We have special puppy and kitten packages that might include spaying or neutering, testing and lab work, a complete exam and other things that you may needed to get the newest addition to your family off to a good start.

General Conditions

We can do wellness screening and checkups to make sure your pet is healthy and not suffering from any hidden conditions that affect its health. We also offer vaccinations for your pet, and quality of life treatments, such as parasite prevention and more.

Lost Pet (Prevention)

Microchipping is a way of helping an owner find a pet that has been lost, run off, or been stolen. The microchip contains information about the owner's name and address. This information is then entered into a database. The microchip can be scanned in many veterinary offices. The microchip does not broadcast anything, and cannot be used to identify the pet's location. The insertion of a microchip is not very painful for the pet and does not require surgery.

Emergency Conditions

Sometimes, despite your most careful attention, your pet suffers a mishap. We can provide emergency care for your pet if that happens. For emergency services, we can help provide care quickly in order to help make sure your pet has the best chance of recovery.

Other Conditions

We offer a full range of care for your pet. Contact us today for an explanation of what we at Valley Veterinary Hospital of Helena can do for you and your pet.

Visit Us for More Information from Our Veterinarian

If you live in or around Helena, MT, and need veterinary care for the pets you love, contact us at Valley Veterinary Hospital of Helena today for a consultation. Our staff of veterinary technicians work under the supervision of head veterinarian Dr. Dawn Reisinger to deliver care that is to help your pet stay healthy and help maintain your peace of mind. We would be delighted to meet you and your pets, and to show you what we have to offer. Call today for a consultation. Call us at (406) 442-0188 for more information.