Our Patients

Here are a few of our patients! If you would like us to include your picture on this page, please ask one of our staff next time you come to the clinic!

Say hello to Fluffy! She is a wonderful personality that was recently rescued from a mountainous area. She has been working on getting her health back in preparation for finding her forever home, and we love being a part of that!

This is "The Gipper"! He is a clinic favorite with his amazing and lovable qualities. He is currently being treated for ringworm, but as soon as that's done, it will be back to the crazy life for this little guy!

Say hello to the first member of the Three Boxerteers! Miss Chloe is a real sweetheart and has overcome some unique health issues. She is a real fighter and such a doll!

The second member of the Terrific Trio is Honey Bee. Such a love, she cannot stand to go without giving every member of the staff a kiss!

The stud in the Boxer Threesome is Tiger! Even though he is getting up there in years, he handles himself like such a gentleman and watches out for his human mom and his fur sisters!

Halo is our universal blood donor dog. She has a lovely personality and always enjoy coming to the clinic to help. Many thanks to Halo's owner, Becca, for being available to bring her when at a moments notice.

This is the adorable Daisy! Who is thoroughly enjoying some pain relief while receiving her laser therapy!