Pet Metabolic & Endocrine

Pets can develop metabolic and endocrine system disorders just as humans do. In some cases, genetic factors play a part in their development. In other cases, animals become ill because of their diet and lifestyles. At Valley Veterinary Hospital of Helena, we provide ongoing treatment of pet metabolic and endocrine system health problems.

Pet Metabolic & Endocrine

Diabetes in Cats and Dogs

Veterinarians are seeing an increase in the number of pets with diabetes, a disorder in which insufficient insulin is produced to remove glucose from the bloodstream. Diabetes can damage many organs throughout the body, so proper treatment is essential to extend the life of your pet. Obesity and poor diet are important factors in the development of diabetes. Our emergency vet will conduct tests to determine whether or not your pet is suffering from diabetes before creating a treatment plan to help your pet avoid many of the complications associated with the disease.

Cushing’s Disease and Other Disorders

The endocrine system in animals produces hormones that regulate body functions. Pets can develop disorders of the system, such as Cushing’s disease, hypothyroidism, and other conditions that affect their health and quality of life. Blood testing can detect these issues, and several medications are available to treat them. Our veterinarian will provide ongoing care to help your pet enjoy better health.

Ongoing Care

When pets develop metabolic or endocrine disorders, they will require ongoing care to ensure that they stay healthy. Our veterinarian may require periodic blood tests to determine your pet’s hormone levels and ensure their organs are functioning properly. Medication levels will be adjusted if necessary. Regular checkups will help to ensure your pet is living the highest quality possible life despite any present health issues.

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