Disease Testing And Prevention

Infectious Disease Testing and Prevention

At Helena Veterinary Service we understand how important your pets are and we strive to provide your fury family members with the best preventive testing and care possible.

Husky dog getting tested for Diseases in Helena, MT.

Dr. Armstrong and Dr. Reisinger - Veterinarians in Helena, MT

Dr. Armstrong has been a practicing veterinarian at Helena Veterinary Service in Helena, MT for several years. Dr. Armstrong has over 32 years of experience treating cats, dogs, pocket pets, farm animals, and even wild animals at a research and rehabilitation center in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Armstrong specializes in infectious disease testing and prevention.

The Importance of Infectious Disease Testing and Prevention

Prevention is the best medicine for any infectious disease that can be caused by any of the following:

  • Viruses
  • Bacterial
  • Rickettsia (caused by both organisms such as fleas and ticks)
  • Mycoplasmas (diseases caused by bacterial mycoplasmas)
  • Fungi / Fungus (there are several types of fungi/fungus infections from yeast like infections to skin infections)
  • Chlamydiae (Usually causes upper respiratory infections and/or pneumonia, people with birds are more susceptible)

The above list is the most common types of infectious diseases that pets can encounter. These infectious diseases can be mild, moderate, or severe. That is why it is so important to practice preventive medicine with the assistance of Dr. Armstrong at Helena Veterinary Service in Helena MT.

Testing & Prevention of Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases can make pets very sick and some are even fatal that is why it is so important to bring them to see our veterinarian in Helena, MT or testing.

Making sure a pet is properly cared for is the first recommended step by Dr. Armstrong and Dr. Reisinger.

Proper care of pets includes the following:

  • Regular visits with Dr. Armstrong or his colleague Dr. Reisinger at Helena Veterinary Service
  • Up to date vaccinations
  • Healthy well-balanced diet
  • Clean living environment
  • Avoiding places or things known to make a pet sick
  • Worm checks and regular maintenance medications
  • A visit to Helena Veterinary Service when the pet is not feeling well

Types of Testing for Infection Diseases

Just like their human companions, pets can be tested for infectious diseases in the following ways:

  • Blood tests
  • Urine tests
  • X-rays
  • CT Scans
  • MRIs
  • Biopsy

If an infectious disease cannot be prevented (it happens to even the best pet owners), then testing and treatment is necessary.

Dr. Armstrong and Dr. Reisinger at Helena Veterinary Service in Helena, MT are accepting new patients to make an appointment for a regular check-up, preventive measures, or infectious disease treatment call (406) 442-6450 today