Flea And Tick Prevention

Fleas and Ticks Treatments at Helena Veterinary Service

At Helena Veterinary Service we know how much you love your furry family members. Dr. Armstrong and Reisinger, our veterinarians in Helena, can help keep pets healthy and rid them of fleas and ticks.

Two Golden Retrievers sitting on a wooded pathway.

Dr. Armstrong and Dr. Reisinger - Veterinarians in Helena, MT

Dr. Armstrong strives to provide the best care for all animals. He has been a veterinarian Helena Veterinary Service in Helena, MT for the last several years. Dr. Armstrong has over 32 years of experience treating cats, dogs, pocket pets, farm animals, and even wild animals at a research and rehabilitation center in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Armstrong specializes in Fleas and Ticks treatment.

Preventing & Treating Fleas - Helena Veterinary Service

One of the many services provided by Dr. Armstrong Helena Veterinary Service and his colleague another veterinarian in Helena, MT is the prevention and treatment of Fleas.

Preventing Fleas and Ticks

There are more than 2,000 types of fleas. There are roughly a dozen different types of ticks that your pet may come in contact with the United States.


Pets can get fleas easily, all they have to do comes in contact with another animal that has them and the flea will jump on your pet, and it is never just one flea. Pets can also get fleas by being outside, they don’t have to come in contact with a flea-infested animal because fleas fly and as they do so they can drop their eggs on your pet. The best defense against fleas include the following:

  • Flea collar repels fleas most of the time, but you have to change the collar as per the instructions.
  • Flea preventing medication there are several brands to choose from and your veterinarian in Helena MT can recommend the best one.
  • Check your pets for fleas and if you spot any have them treated immediately, so they do not infest your home.


Ticks can be more dangerous for your pets. Common types of ticks include the following:

  • Dog tick
  • Brown dog tick
  • Deer tick
  • Lone Star tick
  • Woodchuck tick
  • Winter tick

Treating Fleas & Ticks

Fleas can make your pets sick so if you notice them digging or scratching they may have fleas. Start treatment as soon as possible.

  • Over the counter flea and tick medications usually work well, there are several brands to choose from.
  • If the over the counter flea and medication does not work take your pet to Dr. Armstrong at Helena Veterinary Service or his colleague another veterinarian in Helena MT.

If your pet has a tick, you should bring them to Helena Veterinary Service for evaluation.

Dr. Armstrong and Dr. Reisinger at Helena Veterinary Service in are now accepting new patients to make an appointment for an examination, preventive medicine, and fleas and ticks treatment call (406) 442-6450 today.