Flea And Tick Prevention

Protecting your pet from fleas and ticks does far more than stop the scratching -- it offers protection for your home, other pets, and even family members as well.  Our Helena veterinary team recommends selecting a comprehensive product that your pet tolerates well and that eliminates these pests and the risks they introduce, too. 


Flea and Tick Prevention Benefits your Pet and Family

Fleas trigger scratching, which can lead to skin damage and in severe cases, infection. By eliminating the fleas, you eliminate the scratching, too. Your pet feels better and you have fewer pests in the house -- the ideal solution for everyone involved. If you already have fleas, you'll need to treat all animals in the home and possibly the home as well. Different products attack pests at different stages of the lifecycle, 

Fleas are a nuisance, but they can't transfer to humans. Ticks, however, are another story. If your pet brings home ticks, they can get sick themselves, and they can also deposit these dangerous parasites inside your home, making it more likely the humans in the house could end up with a tick bite. Keeping these pests off of your animals makes it more difficult for them to access your home, and makes it less likely that a family member could contract a tick-borne illness. 

Choose the Right Flea and Tick Protection

The right protection will depend on the mode of delivery that works best for your pet. Some animals won't wear flea collars, while others accept them readily. Topical applications that are applied to the back, between the shoulder blades offer full body protection from fleas for both dogs and cats, while edibles offer broad-spectrum protection and easy monthly dosing. 

No matter which method you choose, you should use the product consistently and watch for the re-emergence of fleas. If you have more than one furry companion, each of them should be on a flea preventative. Flea medicines are rated by species and weight, so you should use the formula that best suits your animal type and their size. 

Get Help with Flea and Tick Prevention

Ask your veterinarian on your next well-care visit -- or call the animal hospital if you need help with fleas and ticks right away. We can help you find a version of tick and flea control that best suits your needs and ensures you get the protection you need.