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Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Checklist

Valley Veterinary Hospital of Helena realizes pet owners often would like more information on many pet related topics. We are happy to provide you with the links below to sites you may find useful. (We have not personally verify the accuracy of the information on these websites or videos.) See our General FAQ's under the "Services and FAQ's tab" for How-to video links to many common care questions about your pets!

Links of Interest
Reliable information for owners about pet wellness written by veterinarians.

Information from veterinarians regarding your pet's health.

HomeAgain pet microchip and pet id

The HomeAgain site has information about microchipping your pet and a link to a great video with Betty White. Let her explain the importance of microchips for reuniting lost pets with their owners!

Below are two charts related to the frequency of and information about the common types of allergies found in both cats and dogs.

The Companion Animal Parasite Council provides great information about controlling parasites that can infect both pets and their owners.

The Centers for Disease Control site, "Healthy Pets, Healthy People", educates owners about diseases and infections that can be passed from people to pets. Topics can be browsed by species or disease.

Information on animal health and wellness and Nutramax products.

American Animal Hospital Association

American Board of Veterinary Practitioners

Center for Veterinary Medicine- U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Local boarding facilities:

Valley Veterinary Hospital of Helena realizes that there are some pet related services that we do not offer. Although we do offer boarding, we are also happy to provide information for other boarding facilities in the area, in addition to contacts for groomers. Our team has taken the time and evaluated the following information. We trust the service provided by the listed businesses.

Countryside Kennels
5864 Spokane Ranch Rd.
(406) 475-3838

Dogwood Lodge Kennel
3135 Tyler Rd.
(406) 227-1105

Guardian Kennels
20 Jackson Creek Rd.
(406) 443-1117

Kanine Kondo
390 Norris Rd.
(406) 458-5670

Local grooming facilities:

All About Grooming
2828 Billings Ave.
(406) 442-4142

The Canine Capital
1116 Helena Ave.
(406) 442-9663

In the Dog House
3706 Old Hwy 12 E.
(406) 227-6101

Pampered Pets
130 Norris Road
(406) 443-7387

Town & Country Grooming
11 Placer Ave.
(406) 449-6484