Just like human dermatologists take care of human skin, veterinary dermatologists take care of pet skin. At Valley Veterinary Hospital, we have been providing residents of Helena, MT, and the surrounding areas with reliable pet care services including pet dermatology services for many years. Read on to learn more about pet dermatology.


What Do Veterinary Dermatologists Take Care Of?

Veterinary dermatologists not only specialize in the care of your pet’s skin but also the nails and the hair. A veterinarian near me and you can take care of many of the most common skin problems your pet is likely to have, such as ringworm or most kinds of allergies. However, even the best of vets can’t know it all. If your pet needs treatment, such as for skin cancer that your regular vet cannot provide, then it’s best to go to a veterinary dermatologist.

Consider going to see a veterinary dermatologist if your pet’s skin condition, like an ear infection, is not getting any better despite everything that your vet can do. Pets with allergies may need the help of a veterinary dermatologist if your vet cannot figure out just what your pet is allergic to. Your pet should also see a veterinary dermatologist if he or she has a rare condition, a rare form of skin cancer, or if your veterinarian does not have the necessary technology to solve your pet’s problem.

When to Seek Dermatology Services

Losing Fur

Various disorders and allergies can cause your pet to lose fur. Only a veterinarian can find out the cause of fur loss and prescribe the right medications. Usually, fur loss is accompanied by itching. 


Fleas infestation leads to itching and irritation. Flea control methods at home such as flea baths are effective, but you may have to see a dermatologist if the problem persists.

Dry Skin

Just like humans, pets also suffer from dry skin. A veterinarian will prescribe some products to get rid of the problem and give your pet relief. 

Pet Care Services in Helena, MT

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