Itchy Skin & Ear Infection

Itchy Skin and Ear Infections

It is normal for your dog or cat to scratch a little bit every day. It is not normal for a pet to scratch constantly, or scratch his or her skin open. It is also not normal to have both itchy skin and an ear infection. Our veterinarians at Valley Veterinary Hospital of Helena would like to look at the most common reasons why your dog or cat may suffer from both itchy skin and ear infections.



When people have allergies, they tend to sneeze or have runny eyes. When pets have allergies, they usually have itchy skin. The itchiness is often also in the ears. Constantly scratching the ears introduces dirt and other organic matter, causing constant infections. Fortunately, most allergies can be successfully treated with help from a veterinarian.


One of the most common substances that pets are allergic to is the saliva in flea bites. Fleas are also pretty good at causing itchy skin and itchy ears, even if a pet is not allergic to their saliva. Fleas can be easily prevented with medication from a veterinarian. When fleas are detected on your pet, you need to wash your pet’s bedding and do extensive vacuuming to get rid of them.


Although it sounds like your pet has a worm, ringworm is actually caused by fungus. The name “ringworm” has been around for centuries, and old habits are hard to break. Ringworm causes bald patches that are round in shape, with red or dark pink edges. Ringworm can be successfully treated with medication and prescription shampoos. Unfortunately, it is very contagious, so you need to quarantine your pet from your other pets and people until he or she is cured.

Warning: Never Give Your Pets People Medicine

Do not give any pills, creams, ear drops, ointments, or medicated shampoos meant for people. They usually will not work and may be in concentrations so strong that you end up poisoning your pet. Only give medications that are prescribed by an animal hospital or veterinarian.

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