Chronic Pain Treatment

When you've enjoyed many years of good times with your Helena, MT pet, it's difficult to see when a pet experiences chronic pain. Arthritis and other chronic health challenges can leave animals in constant pain while severely restricting their ability to participate in their favorite activities. But you can make your furry friend's life more pleasant by bringing him to Helena Veterinary Service for safe, effective chronic pain treatment.

Chronic Pain Treatment.

Arthritis and Other Painful Problems in Senior Animals

Unlike acute pain, which occurs alongside an acute injury or illness and tends to resolve not long after that challenge has passed, chronic pain may go on for months or years. In senior animals, chronic pain is often related to degenerative conditions such as arthritis. Age-related arthritis is the result of wear and tear that erodes the cushioning cartilage within joints. Pets can get arthritis in the shoulders, hips, extremities or spinal column. If your pet has developed arthritis, you may notice that he has trouble standing or lying down, avoids stairs, limps, licks the affected joint constantly, expresses pain when touched, or even reacts aggressively to the threat of being touched.

Pain Management and Rehabilitation Therapy Options

The good news is that a number of pain management and rehabilitation therapy options can help you better enjoy a higher quality of life. Your veterinarians, Dr. Reisinger, will give your pet a thorough examination to find the underlying location and cause of your pet's discomfort. We can then come up with a multi-modal treatment plan for your pet's specific needs and condition, including:

  • Weight loss to take pressure off of joints
  • Orthopedic manipulation to help normalize nerve function
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Cortisone injections for severe joint pain
  • Drugs and nutritional supplements to support cartilage health and joint function
  • Laser therapy to relieve pain and inflammation without drugs or surgery
  • Gentle, controlled exercises to maximize pain-free range of motion

Our veterinarians at our clinic can put your pet on an ongoing, customized program featuring any or all of these options. Regular follow-up exams will then enable us to monitor your pet's symptoms and adjust his pain management program accordingly.

Need a Caring, Compassionate Animal Doctor?

When you're hurting, you don't just want medical help; you want genuine care. So if you want your pet to feel better and get more out of life despite a chronic pain condition, make sure he's in the hands of a caring, compassionate animal doctor.

Call Valley Veterinary Hospital of Helena at (406) 442-6450 to schedule an initial consultation and exam. We're ready to serve as your pet's other best friend!