Valley Veterinary Hospital of Helena Ultrasound

Our animal hospital serves the Helena area and provides excellent pet care for all your veterinarian needs. We have a dedicated staff and our veterinary doctors are fully trained to handle many types of conditions. We believe in always going the extra mile by providing the best quality pet care in the Helena area. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that helps our doctors determine the care needed for your pet. For example, here at our animal hospital, we provide ultrasound machines that help us determine the care your pet needs. 


Ultrasounds for Your Pets

Ultrasound machines are used to examine the inside of your pet. Ultrasounds are sound waves that develop into images for the purpose of seeing what is going on inside your pet's body. The ultrasound machines also help in diagnosing conditions for possible future medical procedures. There are different types of ultrasound machines as well. One is called the B-mode, which provides a brighter image in 2D; the other is the M-mode. Getting an ultrasound for your pet is a painless procedure and requires no needles or injections to your beloved animal. It also does not expose your pet to any ionizing radiation; compared to other procedures, like X-rays and CT Scans tend to do. The whole examination will take around thirty minutes to one hour and your veterinarian can sometimes go over what is being shown during the ultrasound. Since the ultrasound is painless, there is no anesthesia needed for your pet to have the procedure. 

There are a few setbacks to the ultrasound. One is that it can not pass through air, so seeing images of bones or certain organs is difficult. Another thing to know is that your pet may need to have their fur shaved in the specified section of where the veterinarian is working. Sometimes rubbing alcohol or ultrasound gel is used for the procedure. 

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