Pet Boarding

Valley Veterinary Hospital of Helena is happy to offer boarding to services to our clients that wish to board with us. We will board any size dog or cat during your travels. While we typically have availability for you, we greatly appreciate reservations. Just like with other boarding facilities, we require vaccine information to be up to date while your pet is staying with us! Unlike most boarding facilities, as an animal hospital, we are happy to take care of those vaccines when they check in for their stay! Here are some questions that you might ask.

Q: My pet needs to be boarded and I would like their vaccines done as well. Can my pet get those while they are there?

A: Yes, we are more than happy to give your pet the necessary vaccines while boarding. If you are a new client to our clinic, our veterinarian’s must complete an exam of your pet to give the vaccinations. If you are already familiar with our clinic, and your pet needs vaccines, we can do these without an exam as long as your pet's most recent exam occurred within the last six months. This is the law, not just a preference.

Q: If something happens to my pet while they stay with you, what will you do?

A: When your pet checks in for their reservation, we will go over paperwork related to any medications or dietary preferences. At this time, we will also have you sign a form where you may choose to allow, or not allow, us to perform emergency medical care at our facility if your pet has a situation occur that requires such treatment.

Q: If my pet is aggressive, can he/she board at your facility?

A: Yes. We are more than happy to take the necessary steps to protect your pet as well as ourselves and the other patients in the clinic. We simply ask that you please disclose any knowledge of aggressive behavior that you might have. An aggressive pet is not a bad pet; they simply require a different set of handling guidelines.

Q: My dog needs to be groomed. Can you do that for me while they board?

A: We are not a grooming facility. We do offer basic services such as basic shaves for dogs AND cats, but this is limited to a lion shave or something similar. Our technicians are trained for medical procedures, so any grooming would be basic. If that is still something you would like, we are more than happy to make this happen for your pet during their stay!

Q: What other services can you offer while my pet is boarding with you?

A: We offer a multitude of other services while your pet is boarding. We can complete thorough nail trims, anal sac expressions, heart worm testing, fecal testing, and light baths.

Q: I have more than one dog I want boarded. Can they stay together?

A: We are more than happy to keep your pets together as long as they get along. We even offer a discount on the second pet’s reservation when they stay in the same kennel/run. Should your animals become agitated with each other or perhaps fight, we will separate them from each other for safety reasons.

Q: Is there a limit on the duration my pet can be boarded with you?

A: No there is not a limit on how long your pet can stay with us. We do not offer discounts for long term stays. If you are planning on boarding your pet for a month or more, we would ask you to consider potential alternatives such as home care or your pet staying with a friend or family member. It can cause a large amount of stress for your pet and in some cases, health problems, for them to be confined or such a long period of time.

Q: What happens if my pet panics during their stay or causes damage to themselves or their run from anxiety?

A: Our first concern with any animal staying in our facility is for safety and their health and wellbeing. Should your animal be so anxious or stressed that they begin to take part in behaviors that are a health risk, we will take any action that will keep them safe during their stay. This may take the form of transferring to a different sized kennel or run, keeping them in a low lit room for anxiety, isolating them from seeing other animals if that is a stressor, or safely medicating your pet.

Q: My pet needs to be medicated on a regular basis. Can you do this?

A: Being a hospital, we are uniquely equipped to handle animals with medical conditions requiring the administration of medications or other therapies. We are more than happy to medicate your pet on the schedule needed, including giving injections. We are also more than happy to offer fluid therapy if it is required.

Boarding fees vary by the size of your pet, as well as any applicable discounts such as having a second pet staying in the same kennel as the first.

Small Dog and Feline Boarding~$19.00 a night

Medium and Large Dog Boarding~$21.00 a night

Should you have a second pet staying in the same kennel or run as the first, the second pet’s nightly rate is half off!

Drop off for boarding reservations can occur anytime during normal business hours on the first day of your reservation. Pick times can also occur anytime during normal business hours. There is an additional $13.00 fee for a partial day if you pick up after 12pm. As a medical facility, we are not open for normal business on Saturday afternoons and Sundays. We currently are not offering special pick up hours. If you have any questions, please call the office at (406)442-0188 and our staff will be more than willing to help.