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Cover Emergency Costs with Alternative Payment Plans

Sometimes medical emergencies hit people or their pets, and there's no time to wonder whether you should get medical or veterinary care. However, the costs of the procedures, especially for pets when the owners don't have pet insurance, can be prohibitive. This is why companies like CareCredit and Scratchpay were started. These companies help pet owners pay for unexpected veterinary costs over time, making it easier for the owners to ensure their pets stay healthy while the owners protect their financial standing. Valley Veterinary Hospital of Helena wants pet owners to know about these options so that there is no problem when those vet emergencies hit.

What Are These Plans?

CareCredit is a credit card used specifically for veterinary costs. This card allows you and authorized users to pay for veterinary costs at the time of service and then pay off the bill over a few months. As with other credit cards, you can pay partly in cash and use CareCredit for the rest of the bill, too. You do have to use the card at least once per year to keep the account active. However, you can use the card for basic veterinary costs, too, so you're not limited to emergency bills.

Scratchpay is a payment plan in which the company pays the vet for the services, and then you pay Scratchpay back according to a pre-approved payment plan. This plan can span a few months to a couple of years. You also have the option of paying back the bill within 30 days to avoid all interest.

Note that for both CareCredit and Scratchpay, you must use an approved veterinarian.

Don't Worry about Costs When Your Pet Needs Care

Contact Valley Veterinary Hospital of Helena at (406) 442-6450 to ask about signing up for CareCredit or Scratchpay. Be prepared the next time your pet needs help.