What Is Cherry Eye?

Cherry eye is a common eye injury treated by veterinarians. Cherry eye relates to the inner eyelid that cats and dogs have and humans do not. The condition may appear alarming at first, but the good news is that an emergency vet can provide the veterinary care that your pet needs. Our team at Valley Veterinary Hospital of Helena provides quality veterinary care for cherry eye and a variety of other medical problems.

Understanding Cherry Eye

Cats and dogs have an extra eyelid which is a membrane that covers the eye diagonally as it moves from the inner corner of the eye outward. This eyelid has a layer of tears to provide lubrication. When the tear gland prolapses, cherry eye is often the result. Some pets are more likely to experience cherry eye. These include smaller dogs like terriers, bulldogs, and beagles. Regardless of the kind of pet you own, you should pay attention to the symptoms of cherry eye.

Treatment for Cherry Eye

One treatment for cherry eye is to move the gland to its proper position. A method called tacking requires a stitch to put the duct in place. Sometimes, a veterinarian will perform the surgery by removing tissue over the tear gland to prevent the issue from recurring.

In other situations, the doctor may need to repair another eyelid issue as well. This can prevent the tear duct from coming out of place in the future. Removing the gland is another option, but it is not always ideal because the procedure can cause dry eye for your pet. Our emergency vets will try to maintain the structures of the eye whenever possible.

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