Pet Emergency After A Fight

Pet Emergency

If your pet has been in a fight with another animal, take them to the veterinarian. This circumstance is the perfect time for a pet hospital or emergency vet, even when you do not think the injuries are severe. In addition, contact Valley Veterinary Hospital in Helena, MT, as soon as possible. 

Cat Fight 

When your cat fights with wildlife, a dog, or even another cat, they can be seriously injured or killed. So, if you witness a fight, do not try to get in the middle of sparring animals. Instead, consider your safety. Leashed pets make it easier to control the situation, but if the cats are unrestrained, a loud noise may distract and break up the dispute.

Dog Fight 

If one of the dogs is leashed, try to pull them apart safely. You can also try noise, such as with cats, or put up some obstacle that prevents one from the other, whatever is nearby at the time. Only intervene with dogs fighting if you have another person to separate the dogs. Otherwise, you could risk an injury. 

Pet Emergency 

When the fight has been broken up, assess the situation for injury and contact your veterinarian. Some injuries may not manifest immediately, and your pet may suffer from the trauma indefinitely. Keep a close eye on your dog or cat in the following days, and report any changes in demeanor, appetite, or behavior to your vet provider.

Has your pet been in a fight? Then, call or visit our pet hospital right away! 

It is a pet emergency when your pet has been in a fight. In Helena, MT, talk to the team at Valley Veterinary Hospital. They will advise you on what to do for your pet next. Contact us at (406) 442-0188 to schedule an appointment.