Medical Release Information

In accordance with new rules established by the Montana Board of Veterinary Medicine, Valley Veterinary Hospital of Helena can no longer provide vaccination or medical information verbally to kenneling, grooming, or other veterinary facilities. Signature approval is needed for verifying and to meet legal requirements set by the state of Montana. Please feel free to contact our clinic for our medical release form, we have also uploaded this form to our website for your convenience.

“(h) Information within veterinary medical records is privileged and confidential, and may not be released to anyone other than the owner of the patient, persons authorized by the owner, or other veterinarians involved with the treatment and care of the patient. Information must be released upon consent of the owner or authorized person(s). Consent may be written, electronic, or other form of waiver, and must be documented in the patient’s medical file.”

-Montana Board of Veterinary Medicine

*Completed Medical Release forms can be emailed, faxed, mailed, or brought to our clinic, as soon as possible for prompt release of the requested medical records.

Medical Record Release

Radiograph Record Release